It’s a stressful time. No, not trying to get the kids or grandkids to bed after an ice cream-induced sugar rush – your PC or Laptop giving you grief. Whilst your instant reaction might be utter dread as you cringe at the potential cost of repair, there’s a good chance that all it needs is a PC MOT.

“But, my PC isn’t a car?”, we hear you ask rhetorically. And quite right you are. Well, it’s kind of similar to the MOT your car has to pass every year. It just involves a lot less oil, and some input from a bonafide computer geek.

That doesn’t really give you much to go on. So let’s delve a little bit deeper into what a PC MOT is, what it involves, and why your machine might need one.

PC MOTs Explained

In a nutshell, a PC MOT Service is a systematic procedure that is aimed at optimising your PC’s overall performance. Because, over time, most PCs accumulate things like junk files and develop small-but-unresolved problems which can manifest themselves in a variety of different ways.

Fortunately, a PC MOT can usually reverse any adverse effects caused by years of usage and no proper maintenance, clean-ups or optimisation. Take Teign Geeks’ PC MOT procedure, for example. It generally involves:

  • A Virus Check
  • Service & Programs Optimisation
  • Removal of Any Junk
  • An Integrity Check of RAM and Hard Drive
  • System Files Check
  • Registry Analysis & Optimisation

Once completed, your PC, Laptop or MAC will be running just like the day you first got it out of the box. Better still, it costs as little as £39 – a massive saving compared to a £400+ outlay for a half-decent new machine.

Telltale Signs your PC Needs an MOT

We’ve been in the PC Repairs business for decades, so it’s easy for us to spot when a machine needs optimising with the help of an MOT. It’s might not be so easy for you.

So to give you a helping hand, here are six telltale signs you need a PC MOT:

1) It’s Running Very Slow

Probably the most common telltale sign that your computer needs a PC MOT is how fast (or slow) it’s running. If you find it’s becoming particularly sluggish when you’re doing online shopping or browsing social media, it’s probably time to get it cleaned-up and optimised.

Don’t just do it for your PC’s health, either. It’ll end up driving you round the bend if you don’t get it looked at! There’s nothing worse than your weekly online grocery shopping taking twice as long as it needs to… your time would be well spent doing other things.

2) Sudden Power Cuts, Freezes or Crashes

We’ll put it out there and get right to the point: A sudden loss of power, freezing or crashing is never a good sign. At least we’re honest, right? Even with that said, though, there could be a simple explanation – something a PC MOT could solve quite easily.

3) It’s Making Noises

Now, noises could be indicative of something a bit more sinister, like a hardware failure(s) of internal parts. On the other hand, they could be being caused by a buildup of dust and debris inside your actual desktop computer tower or laptop casing.

Without taking a look at it, we wouldn’t be able to give you an accurate diagnosis. Talk to us today if your PC, Laptop or Mac is making noises and we can arrange to take a look at it for you. If we can’t find the problem or fix it, our No Fix No Fee PC Repairs policy means you won’t owe us a penny!

4) Warning or Error Messages

As the name suggests, warning or error messages bring bad (but important) news to your attention. Their prime purpose is to highlight an issue that needs resolving, be it related to your PC’s performance or otherwise.

There are a multitude messages you could receive that would indicate your machine needs a PC MOT. Especially if you’re a Windows user, there are quite literally dozens upon dozens of error messages you could receive.

5) Issues Booting Up or Shutting Down (or Both!)

You might encounter issues when you initially boot your PC or Laptop up, or when you try to shut it down once you’ve finished using it. You might get an error message saying ‘Disk Boot Failure’, or your machine might just stop booting up all together and restart.

Whatever issues you’re encountering, they’re all signs that your machine needs a PC MOT and a proper once-over from a PC repair specialist. It might be something really simple, like your Operating System needs to be updated to the latest version.

6) You Think It’s Got a Virus

There might be a really good reason for you to think your PC has a virus. It might just be a gut feeling, because you use your PC or Laptop regularly and you know it’s just not quite right. On the flipside, your Antivirus Software could be telling you – point blank – that it’s potential infected.

Either way, a PC MOT will detect and exterminate any viruses that may be harming your machine and affecting its performance. You can check out our list of FREE Antivirus Software alternatives that can be downloaded, so you can run a check for yourself as well.

Teign Geeks PC MOT

For such a nominal investment of less than £40, we can MOT your PC and have it running exactly how it should in no time at all. Your PC doesn’t even necessarily have to be showing any of the above signs to necessitate an MOT, either. It’s good practice to have your PC, Laptop or MAC cleaned-up and optimised pretty regularly to prolong its life.

Speak to a Geek today about booking in your PC MOT. See here for more information about PC MOTs and what they entail.

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