Virus Spyware Adware Removal

Has your PC slowed down to a crawl?

Virus Spyware Adware Removal Service


Do you think you have a virus?

Virus Spyware Adware Removal

Even with the latest and greatest antivirus software, we can still be unlucky enough to fall foul of a new virus strain before our antivirus vendor has released a ‘cure’ for it. Some of the most common hard-to-remove infections include ransomware (see pictures, opposite), rootkits, and trojan horse viruses. Some can be nothing more than irritating (adware), while others can be outright malicious, destructive and cause potentially irreversible damage (cryptolocker, cryptowall).

When your antivirus can’t automatically remove an infection, or if you can’t boot into windows because of a virus, we can help to clean and re-secure your PC with our Virus Spyware Adware Removal Service



How do I know if my computer has a virus?


  • Your PC may have drastically slowed down
  • Your web browser may behave unusually
  • You get unexpected/irrelevant web search results
  • You receive intrusive pop-ups even with a blocker on
  • The same adverts cover every page you visit
  • Emails are being sent from your account that you haven’t sent
  • Your desktop and/or personal files may have disappeared

If you have any of these symptoms then it’s likely your PC is infected and you need to use our Virus Spyware Adware Removal service.


How Was My PC Infected?


  • By clicking a link from an email
  • By opening an email attachment
  • By downloading software from a malicious website
  • By visiting an infected Website
  • By using ‘peer to peer’ file sharing (P2P) or ‘torrent’ software
  • By following the instructions from a fraudulent ‘support’ call
  • Pirate Music and Video Downloads

Even with up-to-date virus and malware protection, doing any of the above increases the risk of circumventing your security software, and increases your exposure to new viruses that don’t yet have a ‘cure’.

What’s The Point of Viruses Anyway?

Cyber criminals are ultimately motivated by money. While fame (or notoriety) or just plain boredom might encourage people to put out viruses, it’s money that really talks. Some viruses work by trying to extort money directly from you, either by blackmailing you to pay up to regain access to your system or files, or by tricking you into paying for something you don’t need. In January 2014 just one carefully placed trojan virus managed to net a team of cybercriminals €500,000 in just one week! (source).

Others will use your computers’ processing power to find bitcoins (digital currency), or use its internet access to work with other infected computers to attack other networks and take them offline. Recent high profile victims of this (DDoS) attack include giants like Xbox Live and the Playstation Network (source).

What’s The Solution?

If your antivirus software has failed to remove a virus, chances are there is not one single or simple solution, and it is likely your PC will need a scan and clean with a number of professional software solutions.

There can then be damage to your OS (operating system) that will need to be repaired afterwards.

We offer a complete start to finish virus Spyware adware removal service ensuring every last bit of the infection is removed and performance is restored back to normal.

You will need to drop your PC to our offices in Teignmouth. We normally complete the clean up within 1-2 days and we will keep you informed the whole way.

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