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The internet has changed the way we live our lives. The way we shop. The way we do business. The way we socialise. So much so, that neither you nor we could probably ever live without it.

WiFi connectivity made access to the internet fast, easier and more ubiquitous than the now-antique dial-up internet we all came to know and love over 20 years ago (not so much the awful extraterrestrial noise it made!).

WiFi is an absolute revelation… apart from when you struggle to get it to work, or it’s super slow!


Slow WiFi Speed

Like us, you’re probably forking out a tidy sum for ‘super-fast’ WiFi from one of the BIG broadband providers. The slick advertising sucks us in to sign up. And, a lot of the time, we’re not actually getting anywhere near the type of WiFi speed(s) that were advertised.

In fact, up to 90% of the time you might not be getting the WiFi speed that you signed up for.

You can check your WiFi speed using a free online tool called Ookla by clicking the button below.


Causes of Slow WiFi

There are a few things that could be causing your snail-like WiFi speed. Here are just a handful:

A faulty or defective Router

The positioning of your Router

Problems related to or caused by your Internet Service Provider

Too many devices using your WiFi network

‘Peak’ usage times leading to slow WiFi speed



Sounds ominous, right? Notspots generally are. They’re an area(s) in your home or office that you just can’t seem to get a good signal on your mobile, laptop or even your desktop device.

If you think about it, you’ve probably got at least one Notspot in your house. Like in the spare bedroom, where even doing the age-old trick of holding your phone above your head or close to the window doesn’t work.

At best, it’s an absolute pain. At worst, you’ve got multiple Notspots that are making it almost impossible to get a decent connection anywhere at home. Don’t suffer in silence.

You can check your WiFi speed using a free online tool called Ookla by clicking the button below.

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