PC not running as it used to?

Our PC MOT Service will massively improve your PC’s Performance. Over time and use, most PC’s accumulate junk files and develop unresolved problems which can manifest themselves by slowing down your PC. Fortunately, this slowdown can usually be reversed with a PC-MOT. Keep reading to see how we can speed up your PC.

Quick Check for Viruses

We start by making sure we are working with a clean (uninfected) PC. If we find anything, we will remove it, but difficult viruses may incur an extra fee.

Programs and service optimisation

We will look at your installed programs and services, remove the unnecessary, and tweak the rest.

Junk Removal

This one speaks for itself. We will clear out all of the detritus that has built up from years surfing the web, installing apps, and generally using the computer.

Registry analysis and optimisation

This is where is starts getting a bit more technical. We go through your system registry, removing orphaned entries and correcting erroneous keys.

HDD and RAM integrity check

We then test two important pieces of hardware – the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and the Random Access Memory (RAM). Any faults with these will have a massive effect on system performance.

System files integrity check

Finally we run scans on the operating system for your computer to make sure that all critical files are present and correct, just as when you bought it!

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