You will all no doubt have heard on the news that the TalkTalk customer database was hacked late last year by cyber criminals. Soon after many people started receiving calls from so-called TalkTalk agents claiming that either their PC had been hacked or that because of TalkTalks’ data breach they were going to receive a compensation payment of around £200. There are a number of other similar stories floating around.

TalkTalk have reportedly said that these calls are not linked to the recent cyber attack – you can all make up your own minds on that one.

We have had 3 people in our offices within the last seven days receiving the same kind of calls. The fraudsters are using very convincing methods get their victim to log into their bank and make a transfer to ‘TalkTalk’ (in reality the cyber criminals). I believe they are directing you firstly to a fake online bank statement showing that they have overpaid the compensation payment and that the rest needs to be transferred back.

This is complete scam and TalkTalk would never make unsolicited calls with these kind of requests. If anyone does receive a call then just hang up, do not engage in any kind of conversation.

If you need to speak to TalkTalk then we suggest you contact them via their sites’ contact us page: or by calling 0870 444 1820

If you receive any call from any company or organisation asking to take control of your PC, claiming your PC has been attacked or asking for any kind of payment details simply hang up.

We are offering free telephone advice so if you have received any call like this and need help just call us on 01626 773365

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