People are often quick to buy a new computer when their old one has gone wrong or has started running slow. However, this decision can be premature. There are many issues that can be fixed with some clever problem solving and a little investigation. Teign Geeks are technical wizards, offering an unrivalled PC MOT that will help you to run again at full speed.

Blast those Viruses

The first thing Teign Geeks check for is viruses so we can discount this common problem when searching for the reason behind your PC’s slow performance. Our search is thorough and any viruses are swiftly banished.

Take out the Trash

We work hard to free your PC from junk. You may think that your PC is free from clutter. You might have excellent anti-virus software which you believe clears your computer of unwanted files. However junk can build up from years of general use, including surfing the web and installing apps. Let Teign Geeks do your dirty work for you.

Remove pesky programs and secret services

Our optimisation process streamlines your installed programs and services. We want to make sure that every megabyte of data is something you need or want. We will rid your PC of redundant programs and fix any others. We like to guarantee peace of mind by ensuring that any risky programs are completely removed.

Make sure your registry analysis is in check

We search through your system registry and make sure everything is in order. We remove orphaned entries and fix erroneous keys to bring your PC back up to speed. Teign Geeks are tech detectives: you can rely us to pinpoint the problem fast.

Test your HDD and RAM integrity is up to scratch

The Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and Random Access Memory (RAM) are vital to the health of your PC. We test this hardware rigorously to help enhance your system performance. Teign Geeks are schooled up on the latest technical adavances, if we can’t fix your PC, it’s unlikely that anyone can.

Ensuring that your PC is as good as new
We want to make sure that your PC is as good as when you bought it. Your operating system is scanned and all critical files are accounted for. Remember the excitement of unboxing your brand-new PC? It’s time to evoke that nostalgia as your PC is reborn.

Teign Geeks offer a comprehensive MOT service that will save you money and cut out the hassle of buying a new one. When Teign Geeks are on the case, no problems go undetected. We will capture viruses, streamline files and ensure your system is back to peak health. Don’t buy a new PC until you speak to the Geeks – There may be life in the old dog yet.

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