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Don’t buy a new PC until you speak to one of our geeks – there may be life in the old dog yet!

PC Repair Geeks

PC Repairs Teignmouth

PC Repair Teignmouth

Professional PC Repairs Teignmouth. Dropped your laptop? Cracked your screen? Has your computer suddenly started making funny noises? Then bring it on in! We will diagnose the problem for you, and sort it from just £39. What’s more, if we can’t fix it for whatever reason, then you won’t pay a penny.

PC Health Checks

Has your PC slowed down to a crawl? Are even the most basic tasks becoming a trauma? Then drop it in to us! Our PC MOT service checks all aspects of your PC and optimises installed programs to get it running smoothly again

Virus/Spyware/Adware Removal

We have the expertise (and patience) to remove even the toughest of infections from your PC or laptop – even if you are locked out of your machine. Our clean-up service involves a full files and registry check to eliminate all threats and security risks.

Anti Virus & Firewalls

Choosing the correct antivirus software can be a bit of a minefield, and even with antivirus software installed, the most veracious infections can still get through. We can advise on getting the most out of your antivirus and firewall software, as well as teaching you best practice when surfing the web to reduce the risk of infection to a minimum.


Performance Boost

If your computer is running slow and we don’t think a PC MOT will help then we may be able to upgrade the hardware for better performance. Cost-effective upgrades include RAM, graphics card and hard drive upgrades. Speak to us today to talk through your options.

Networks & WiFi

The Internet is great, except for when you can’t get it to work. We can help with any area of networking, from troubleshooting broadband issues to setting up custom wireless arrays to eliminate wireless ‘notspot’ areas in your home or offices. We can also set up internet ready devices to be accessed from anywhere, if they support that feature.

Professional PC Repair

PC Repairs Teignmouth, Shaldon, Bishopsteignton, Dawlish, Newton Abbot

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